Meet Jolly George!

Jolly George 032

Jolly George is going on a journey.  

This weekend, after spending a few chilly days getting to know the children at Middleham School, he set off for a warmer country: Australia!  He’s on the first leg of his round the world trip.  He’s our Global Pal, and he’s going to visit our classroom buddies in Australia and USA.


Why a dragon?  Ella in Class 1 suggested a dragon, because dragons live in castles and Middleham has its very own castle… with dragon holes!  Why is he called George?  Class 2 & 3 thought of lots of names for him, but we thought George was a great name, because St George is the Patron Saint of England, and legend has it that he fought a dragon.  We didn’t want him to be a scary dragon, so we called him ‘Jolly’ George.

Middleham Castle

Middleham Castle

What’s a Patron Saint?

A Patron Saint is a special Saint who is considered to be a defender of a group or nation.

In the UK:

St Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland (Saint’s Day = November 30th)

St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland (Saint’s Day = March 17th)

St David is the Patron Saint of Wales (Saint’s Day = March 1st)

St George is the Patron Saint of England (Saint’s Day = April 23rd)


Why has Jolly George set off on a journey?

We’re very excited about starting a new Twitter project with Mrs Yollis’ class in California, USA, and….

Yollis Globe

Mrs Shannon (who we blogged with last year at her school in Tipperary Station) – and her new baby boy Oskar in Darwin, Australia.   

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The project will be led by our digital leaders, and the idea is to send a tweet a day about what our Global Pals get up to when they visit us.  

Here are some of the things we might tweet about:

Our food

Our location

Our pets

Our hobbies

Our favourite games

Our weather!

Our families

Look out for us on Twitter with #globalpal!

What else could we Tweet about? What do you think would interest our friends around the world?

8 thoughts on “#globalpal

  1. Hi everyone!

    It’s great to be doing another project with you. This time however I won’t be the teacher at Tipperary Station School with my six students, instead I’m excited to be doing this project with my son, Oskar who was born in October last year. I am taking one year away from teaching in the classroom to teach and learn with Oskar and go on all sorts of adventures with him. This #globalpals project is his first big global ed project and he’s a very excited baby!

    Jolly George is going to have the best time here in Australia with Oskar and myself. As this will be Oskar’s first global project and he’s very keen to be learning with you all. He is three months old and your youngest #globalpal.

    He and I will take Jolly George to different places and he will meet new people. He will be arriving in the wet season. It’s the time of year when our area is very hot, humid, and it rains almost all day. Hot rain! Can you imagine!

    Jolly George is named after a patron saint? Wow. Oskar and I will read more about St George today in our story time.

    We can’t wait to meet him!
    Love Mrs Shannon and Oskar

  2. What fun you will all have with Jolly George! Hope you have lots of interesting chats with other school children across the world.

  3. Dear Room With a View,

    How exciting that Jolly George is off on an adventure! I know he will miss all of you, but it is important to have adventures in life!

    Liberty will soon take flight across the Atlantic Ocean to spend some time with all of you. He has been busy gathering warm clothes to wear while in England. Here in southern California it has been quite warm. Today it is 71˚ F/ 22˚C, and we have been outside having lunch on the patio. Liberty will need to adapt to his new climate.

    We will be enjoying our time with Snap, the alligator from Australia. It will be fun to chronicle the adventures via Twitter!

    Happy travels, Jolly George!

    Mrs. Y♥llis, Liberty, and her 3rd graders

  4. Sounds like your dragon is ready for a grand adventure. How many miles will he travel? We recently read a story about a dragon who was helping his new friend so all dragons aren’t scary ones.
    We are also studying about Australia and England again to compare the two for a program we are doing in March. We learned about a lot of landmarks recently in Australia. We also learned that they are in a different season. We live in the Northern Hemisphere so we have winter they are having summer. We looked at the map and think you are also in the Northern Hemisphere. This week will be nice and sunny after a very cold week last week.

  5. What a wonderful project. I will enjoy following George’s adventures on Twitter. I wish I could travel with him!
    Mrs Fisher @ 2F

    • Dear Mrs Fisher,

      We can’t wait to see what animal arrives, we think it might be a kangaroo or a koala from Australia because they see them often but we don’t. Alaina and Eve think it is a wonderful project but Cam does not agree because you don’t get to keep the soft toy. Even though dragons aren’t real Cam sees one every day because he has a pet Bearded Dragon.

  6. Lucky Jolly George to be going to somewhere warm but it sounds as though he will need some waterproof clothes. I am looking forward to hearing about all the things he sees and does. Do you think children in Australia and California wish they had snow?

  7. Class One hopes Jolly George is having fun in Australia and we are very pleased he is visiting you. We’re a bit worried he might be missing his castle here and wonder if Mrs Shannon could build him a castle with Oskar?

    We look forward to tweeting about how our new global pal, Liberty, is enjoying classes and perhaps taking her to visit the castle.

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