Our Friends in Mettupalalyam Take the Challenge!

A few months ago, we tried our hand at Mr Toft’s Cup Challenge, and shared our own attempts here.  Earlier this week, we received this fabulous picture from our friends in Mettupalayam, showing their cup challenge attempt.

Our friends in Mettupalayam try their hands at the Cup Challenge!

Our friends in Mettupalayam try their hands at the Cup Challenge!

A big thank you to Ramya for sharing the photo with us – it’s great to see that we enjoy the same activities, and that children all around the world can be linked by something so simple, entertaining and challenging!

10 thoughts on “Our Friends in Mettupalalyam Take the Challenge!

  1. Well Its the end of Spring here in New Zealand and I’ve got to say that I’ve got a couple of students who would love to do that challenge and I will get them onto it in the next few days. Looks brilliant and a whole lot of fun, thanks for posting.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

    • We’d love to see you have a go!
      Congratulations on all your sporting successes recently… looking forward to seeing more details of your fabulous ‘Robocup’ win too!
      Mrs Monaghan

      • Yes just going to post about it on our class page shortly. We watched the videos on your page today and loved seeing them.
        Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, New Zealand

  2. Hello from Canada!

    It’s cool to see how an idea can spread and take on a life of its own. Thanks for sharing our video with your friends in India.

    We are looking forward to getting our latest season of video challenges and more started soon.

    Our class website is http://www.MrToft.ca. The video challenges are at http://www.PortableRadio.ca


    Mr. Toft and the Grade 5s

  3. I think that it is amazing that you can get in touch with people in Mettupalayam and they can respond. They live so far away and their lives are so different to ours it is so intriguing.

  4. What a delightful picture, all those smiling faces. They are really enjoying the challenge. It is amazing how things can spread around the world and very special that this is positive and fun. I look forward to seeing more challenges shared between children in many countries.

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