Exploring Habitats

Imagine a beautiful sunny day, sunhats, sun cream, butterfly nets and… wellies!

Today we ventured out to Foxglove Covert, a glorious nearby nature reserve with an incredible variety of habitats (14!) in a tucked away location – you just wouldn’t know it was there… which makes it all so much more special!

Foxglove 074

Wetland habitat

Woodland habitat

Woodland habitat

Moorland habitat

As part of our science work on habitats, we were introduced to moorland, wetland and woodland habitats, finding out about the plants and creatures that live in each one. 

We found butterflies, moths, spiders, worms, woodlice, ground beetles, froghoppers, toads, tadpoles, snails, slugs, damselflies, dragonflies, great diving beetles, caddis fly larvae, sticklebacks, whirlygig beetles and things we couldn’t name!

We learned to look after the creatures we found, handle them with care and place them back in their habitat after we had observed them.  It made us notice just how many tiny animals there are around us – and how we all need each other to survive.  

What habitats can you find on your doorstep?  Get out!  Look around!  What can YOU find in your local habitats?

7 thoughts on “Exploring Habitats

  1. It was a fabulous afternoon, the children learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed discovering what lives in their ‘backyard’. All the staff at Foxglove were extremely knowledgeable (although we did manage to ask a few questions they didn’t know the answer to – such as ‘what sticks the leaf together around a caddis fly larva?’) I wonder!

    • Well, the staff at Foxglove were so helpful that they sent us this answer to our question:

      ‘Most caddis fly larvae are underwater architects and use silk, excreted from salivary glands near their mouths, for building‘

      Thank you, Foxglove!

  2. What a beautiful and interesting place. You certainly found lots of creepy crawlies. Are you searching your gardens and streams? I hope you are enjoying being able name more of the creatures you find around you and understanding why they live in their habitats.

    • It is a lovely place, and very tranquil – you really wouldn’t think it was on an army base! It makes us think more about all the little creatures that are around us all the time – and how they need a safe place to live, just like us.

  3. Hi Guys

    I loved going to Fox Glove Covert and finding out about all the habitats but my favourite was making the dam!


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